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Gladys Berejiklian Applies For COVID-19 Disaster Payments

Former NSW Premier Gladys Berijiklian has wasted no time following her resignation from the state’s top job, immediately applying for COVID-19 disaster payments.

Berijiklian left the press conference without fielding any questions from reporters in order to hastily hop onto a computer and apply for the $450-a-week payments.

After two hours navigating the Services Australia website, made worse by the dial up speeds of the Parliamentary NBN connection, Berejiklian was able to submit her form for processing.

It later emerged that under ‘Employer Name’, Berijiklian accidentally entered ‘Daryl Maguire’ before deleting it and re-entering ‘Scott Morrison’.

It is anticipated that her application will be rejected due to her willing resignation from the job, meaning she will be referred to the Jobseeker Pathway instead.

By Akita Davidson Jr

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