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Morrison On Melbourne Earthquake: “Gladys Berejiklian Would Never Allow An Earthquake To Happen In Sydney”

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has make a heartfelt statement to Victorians coming to terms with a 5.6 magnitude earthquake, saying a similar event would never happen in his home state because it has the Gold Standard in earthquake prevention.

Taking time out from his meetings with world leaders, Mr Morrison made a short statement directly to Victorians. “I know a lot of people in Victoria are shaken up by this. I see there’s been some damage to buildings, there may be more damage to come. And so to the people of Victoria I say this: “I’m not worried at all about New South Wales. Not at all. I have every confidence that they will not be affected by this”.

He said that once the damage to buildings in Melbourne had been assessed, he would ensure that federal funds would flow quickly to Sydney. “I want to make sure that there is no impediment to property owners in NSW getting access to the funds they need”.

Meanwhile, Sky News host Peta Credlin says it is well past time that Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews take responsibility for the earthquake.

By Jen Taylor

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