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Union Claims Protesters Weren’t Real Tradies: “There’s No Way They’d All Turn Up On Time”

The CFMEU has blamed outsiders for yesterday’s violent rally, saying the idea that two hundred tradies would all turn up at the specified time was fanciful.

In a strongly-worded statement, the union said the punctuality of the protesters was a tell-tale sign they weren’t members.

“This was clearly a group of well-organised extremists. The protest had a 12 noon start time yesterday. Our members are aiming to be there between 6am and 4pm today, but more likely Thursday or Friday. They’ll call when they’re on their way,” the statement read.

The union also said that the style of the protest made it clear tradies weren’t involved. “When our members attend a rally, generally one will protest while five or six others stand around in a circle and look on. That didn’t happen at this rally”.

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