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Australians Wishing They Could Forget Scott Morrison Too

People across Australia say they are intensely jealous of Joe Biden, after the US President either totally forgot, or never knew, the name of Australia’s Prime Minister.

“Well, nice for some, isn’t it,” Melbourne woman Clarissa Peters said this morning. “Look at Biden up there looking all smug because he doesn’t know who Scott Morrison is. Wouldn’t we all like a bit of that? I’ve been trying to forget Scott Morrison for years. But just when I think I’ve managed to put him out of my mind, he pops his little head up and fucks up a vaccine rollout or gives a keynote address about the security issues facing women. The bloke is impossible to forget.

Sydney man Tim Lou said not knowing Scott Morrison’s name was a luxury unavailable to most Australians. “Joe Biden doesn’t know how lucky he is. I’m not even interested in politics, but everywhere you look there’s Scotty. Popping up like a dickhead running drinks on a rugby field, building a cubby house or doing a promo spot for Bunnings in an army tank or some shit. It’s just exhausting”.

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