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Please Contribute To Our Blind Trust

For no particular reason at all, we have set up a blind trust.

We’ve heard that it’s a common way for satirical entities and government ministers to accept large donations, without the hassle of having to know where it came from. Easier for us, easier for you.

Perhaps you’ve got some drug money you need to park somewhere. Maybe you’re an international crime syndicate looking for ways to infiltrate Australia. Or maybe you’re just an ordinary citizen with an annoying $1 million taking up space in your bank account. Donating to our blind trust is the perfect solution.   

If down the track you feel that we owe you a favour in return for your donation, well, we’ll just cross that awkward bridge when we come to it. What’s the worst that could happen? 

Running a satirical news outlet – like suing the national broadcaster – can be expensive. We use donations to pay writers, keep up website online and employ the nation’s most expensive QCs.

So if you’d like to donate $1 million (or some pathetic smaller amount), please click on the button below.

It’ll help us keep doing what we do. And because it’s anonymous, you’ll never have the indignity of being publicly shamed for contributing to an alleged rapist comedy website.

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