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Man Who Remembers Bowl Of Prawns From 1988 Doesn’t Know Who Put Up To $1 Mil In His Bank Account

A former Attorney General who remembers the specific type of food that was provided at a debating function 33 years ago, can’t for the life of him think who might have deposited up to $1 million in a trust fund he set up.

“I just don’t have that sort of attention to detail, sorry,” said the man who also remembered the precise act of ironing a shirt on a university trip more than three decades ago.

He said the busyness of life meant it was impossible to keep track of every single little detail. “I’m across the big things, sure, like those yummy prawns from ‘88; they stick in my mind. About 10-12 cm long, with a beautiful zesty sauce. But for God’s sake, I can’t be expected to keep up with pesky little details like who’s funding a seven-figure law bill for a case I initiated!”

He said the funding could’ve come from anywhere. “On any given day there are literally thousands of people who could potentially deposit a large sum of money into an account. Who keeps a track of that sort of thing?

“If the money was deposited into a bowl that contained prawns or some other type of hors d’oeuvres, then absolutely I would’ve taken note of where it came from. But not if it goes into a financial account with my name on it”.

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