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Gladys Daily Presser Cancelled After Poorly Received First Season

The much-anticipated NSW reboot of the popular VIC Daily COVID Presser has been cancelled after a poorly received first season. The last episode will air on Sunday.

With scores of 30% on Rotten Tomatoes and an audience rating of just 8%, the cancellation came as no surprise to critics, who said the cast was ‘unrelatable’, ‘callous’ and ‘incompetent, but not in a fun The Office kind of way’.

“I never found it believable,” one critic wrote. “In one early episode the main character laughs that she doesn’t believe in lockdowns, and then the rest of the season she spends berating people for not following the rules of lockdown. I’m all for suspending disbelief to a point, but this was a bit over the top”.

Another critic said the show was becoming too predictable. “Pretty early on viewers worked out that if the central character said she definitely wasn’t going to do something, she’d end up doing that exact thing six episodes later. It was a fun twist the first time, but they became easier and easier to pick”.

Another said it was boring and tiresome. “Poor writing, repetitive scripts, longwinded monologues. I stopped watching after the first few episodes. Zero stars”.

The abrupt cancellation means the show will end at an odd point in its narrative, with the action rising to a crescendo, rather than being resolved.

Sister show VIC Daily COVID Presser has been renewed for another 48 seasons.

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