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‘Vaccine’ Spells ‘Satan’ When You Rearrange All The Letters And Replace Them With New Ones, Conspiracy Theorist Says

The evidence that vaccines are the work of the devil is right there in front of your eyes, an anti-vaxxer says, pointing out that the word ‘vaccine’ actually spells ‘Satan’ when you swap the ‘V’, ‘C’, ‘C’, ‘I’ and ‘E’ for an ‘S’, ‘T’ and ‘A’.

“Like everything in life, the truth is hiding in plain sight, but only if you’re prepared to look for it,” self-educated free thinker Ralph Degraves says.   

“Replace the ‘V’ with an ‘S’, keep the ‘A’ right where it is, swap the two ‘Cs’ for a ‘T’, and the ‘I’ for an ‘A’. You don’t even have to move the ‘N’. And what do you get? ‘S. A. T. A. N. E’. Oh yeah, you have to remove that last ‘E’. What do you get? ‘SATAN’. Coincidence? I think not”.

He said once you started opening your eyes, the truth was everywhere. “You don’t believe Bill Gates is spreading COVID through 5G? It’s right there in front of you. His first initial ‘B’ is the second letter of the alphabet; Gates has three children. Two plus three equals five. ‘G’, obviously, stands for ‘Gates’. 5G: Bill Gates. Check mate”.

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