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Government Recommends Reducing Time Between Vaccination Announcements

Health Minister Greg Hunt says the period between COVID vaccination announcements will now be 6 minutes, not 12 minutes as previously advised.

Mr Hunt said that as the situation worsened in NSW it was prudent to speed things up, within agreed timeframes.

“When you’re fucking up a vaccination rollout as comprehensively as this, you need to be able to make diversionary announcements more quickly.

“Previously we had the luxury of waiting up to twelve minutes, but with the current situation, there’s a lot that can happen to polling numbers in that time. So our advice now is to go out with another announcement sooner to get the best outcome”.

He used last week as an example of the need for faster announcements. “Just last week news leaked that we’d stolen half a million vaccinations from third-world countries, and we had to wait a full 12 minutes to make an announcement to say we’d secured half a week’s extra supply from Poland. Under these new measures we would be able to make that announcement sooner”.

Headline by Niall Ginsbourg @niall_bigscreen

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