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Sydney Man Allegedly Pretended To Be Prime Minister For Past 35 Months

Police are investigating a Sydney man who has allegedly pretended to be the Prime Minister of a medium sized nation for almost three years.

A spokesperson for Canberra police said they were alerted to the man after several hundred thousand tip offs.

It is unclear how the man was able to go unnoticed for so long, given he is unqualified for the position. But sources say he may have been able to trick colleagues into thinking he was the PM by adopting sophisticated language such as ‘If you have a go you get a go’ and ‘The sooner we get there the sooner we get there’.

His meticulous attention to dress sense also helped him project a sense of authority – he was often seen wearing board shorts, a baseball cap and an Australian flag facemask.  

Initial investigations suggest that the man has not actually done any work in his 35 months in the role, but has taken home the PM’s monthly salary.

More to come.

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