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Christine Holgate To Receive $1 Million From Australia Post, Will Be Left In Safe Place If No-One Home

In a landmark decision, Australia Post has agreed to a $1 million payout to former CEO Christine Holgate, which will be left in a safe place if she isn’t home to receive it.

Ms Holgate received the news via a text message from her former employer, which read:

‘Your $1 million employment termination payout is arriving today. Reply Y and we’ll leave it in an over-sized envelope underneath your doormat, which will cause the doormat to bulge weirdly, thereby drawing attention to the fact that there’s a valuable item – such as $1 million in cash – underneath it’.

Otherwise, reply N and we’ll take it to a Post Office eight suburbs away”.

A subsequent message advised that the delivery had been delayed and was now expected to arrive in October.


With thanks to @biqua for the idea

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