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Scott Morrison Too Lazy To Be Part Of QAnon

The Prime Minister doesn’t have the work ethic to be part of a complex conspiracy network, it has been revealed.

Experts say the requirement to constantly keep up-to-date on new information and be across the latest ‘drops’, is not in keeping with the Prime Minister’s preference for doing absolutely nothing, all of the time.

“It’s a lovely theory, but it’s just not true,” one conspiracy expert said.

“Have you ever looked at a QAnon chatboard? It’s exhausting. The energy required to keep up with that shit is well beyond Scott Morrison”.

She said the sheer complexity of the conspiracy theory counted Morrison out. “It’s very possible he’s outsourced his belief in QAnon to a staffer. But I think it’s unlikely he’s actually doing anything himself”.

Scott Morrison strenuously denied links to the QAnon conspiracy last week, saying he would never align himself to such a movement, unless of course focus group research showed it was popular, in which case he would immediately claim to be a long-term believer.

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