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Virus Claims It Just Copying Everyone Else In SA By Moving From Adelaide To Melbourne

The COVID-19 virus says it was merely copying what thousands of young people in Adelaide do each year, leaving the South Australian capital to take up residence in a share house in Melbourne.

Speaking to journalists this morning, the virus said it was just continuing a long-running tradition of leaving Adelaide.  

“I just thought that’s what you do after you’ve been in Adelaide for a while. You find a place to live in Melbourne and then immediately go out on Chapel Street.

“There are only so many times you can walk up and down Rundle Street before you realise you’ve got to spread your wings a little”.

The virus said it had been eager to get to know its new city. “I’ve been to like 150 or 170 different places in my first week alone – everywhere from Eltham to Sandringham.

“I’ve got no idea how to pronounce Prahran yet, but I’ve been to most of the bars there”.

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