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Victorian Government Releases List Of All 17 Locations That Aren’t Exposure Sites

Acting Victorian Premier James Merlino has released the the full list of locations in Melbourne that aren’t currently classified as COVID-19 exposure sites, urging anybody who hasn’t been to one of the sites to get tested immediately.

“Please, please check this list, and if you’ve been to anywhere that’s not on this list, please do the right thing and get tested,” Mr Merlino told this morning’s press conference.

He said the list – currently at 17 locations – would be updated throughout the day. “This list is shrinking all the time, so please make sure you check it regularly”.

Amongst the locations was a bakery in Sunshine North, a library in Ashwood and two bars in Chapel Street. “Sorry, that’s now just one bar in Chapel Street. Correction, zero bars in Chapel Street,” Mr Merlino said, turning to an aide for confirmation.

“We also believe that there’s a Kmart in East Brunswick that isn’t an exposure site, although that seems very unlikely, so we’re waiting for confirmation on that”.

More updates to come.

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