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‘I’m Waiting For Pfizer’ Gravestones Now Available In Australia

A gorgeous new range of gravestones, engraved with the epithet ‘I’m Waiting For The Pfizer Vaccine’, has become available for Australians who have decided the currently-available vaccines aren’t good enough for them.

A spokesman for Aussies Gravestones said Australians should have choice when it comes to their gravestone.

“We know there are lots of Australians who think getting a vaccine is like choosing a meal from an a la carte menu. Well, we want them to have that choice with their gravestone too.

The gravestones come in a range of different colours and sizes, with other phrases, such as ‘I’ll get a vaccine when I need to travel overseas again’ and ‘Barbara on Facebook said the vaccine wasn’t safe’, also available.

“What better way to capture someone’s last words than on a tastefully designed marble headstone”.

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