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God Sues Scott Morrison For Defamation

The Prime Minister’s assertion that he ‘is doing God’s work’ is defamatory, the deity has claimed in filings with the Federal Court.

In a statement issued through lawyers, God said Mr Morrison’s characterisation of His work ethic were slanderous, insulting and patently false.

“Last year, during devastating bushfires and a global pandemic, Morrison took a year off so he could learn how to cook curry and build cubby houses. I’ve only ever taken one day off, and that was after I created the fucking universe. So no, he is not doing God’s work. Scott wouldn’t know a hard day’s work if it hit him in the face at a Bunnings sausage sizzle,” the statement read.

“I created the earth in six days. Morrison spends that long constructing a photo shoot in a fighter jet so he can divert attention away from a rape allegation”.  

God said Mr Morrison’s comments might lead people to believe He endorsed locking up children on remote islands. “You won’t find that in the Bible. Actually, you might, Leviticus in particular is full of weird shit like that. But you know what I mean”.

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