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Government In Talks With Essendon FC To Learn How To Successfully Rollout Injection Program

Health Minister Greg Hunt will meet with members of the Essendon Football Club next week, hoping to gain tips on how to successfully inject a large group of people quickly and effectively.

“I think we can learn a lot actually,” Mr Hunt said, confirming he had set up a meeting with former coach James Hird and sports scientist Stephen Dank.

“One of the differences I’ve noticed between their injection program of a few years back and our vaccination program now is that they didn’t talk about it at all and yet managed to inject all of their playing group within a day. Whereas we talk about our program non-stop but haven’t managed to inject anyone.

“I’m hoping they’ll come on board to manage the program actually, because they seemed to get 100% compliance. Not a single complaint. So I’ll be asking about that as well.

The Health Minister said he was also hopeful of getting some useful contacts. “I’ll be asking them if they know any other sources, because none of the guys at Pfizer or Moderna answer my calls”.

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