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Morrison Announces Plan C: Australians To Vaccinate Themselves

Australians will administer their own COVID-19 vaccinations, as part of a new approach to the government’s rollout, starting today.

Announcing the changes, Prime Minister Scott Morrison rejected claims that the new system was an acknowledgement of the government’s failure to deliver the program, saying this was always part of the government’s plan.

“We’ve always been the party of personal responsibility,” Mr Morrison said.

“Who knows the upper part of your arm best? You do. Not some doctor or nurse with years of medical training. Labor wants to use government money to get someone you may have never met to give you a vaccination. Well, we have faith that Australians know what’s best for them, and frankly, know how to administer a severe acute respiratory syndrome vaccination”.

Under the plan, Australians would need to negotiate their own contract for a two-shot vaccine dose with either Pfizer or Astra-Zeneca. “We’ll provide the full contact details on a new website which will be launching next February,” Health Minister Greg Hunt said.

Mr Hunt said the negotiation process was very straightforward. “You simply leave a message on the company’s answering machine saying you’d like to buy some doses. Then you announce to your family that you’ve secured enough for everyone”.

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