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MPs Should Be Chosen On Merit, Not Quotas, Says Man Who Can’t Count To 43

A Queensland politician who once fucked up the basic task of counting beyond forty, says members of parliament should be chosen on the basis of merit, not gender.

Saying he agreed with the Prime Minister’s recent claim that women should never be advanced at the expense of men, the politician said it was simply a matter of getting the best people for the job.

“We’ve always prided ourselves on our meritocracy. We need the best and brightest people running our country, across all eleven states,” he said.  

“I’m totally open to women contesting pre-selections, but if they’re not good enough to get the 41% of votes required for a majority, then I’m sorry, they don’t get a free pass”.

The man will again be contesting the seat of Dickson at the upcoming election. He says he is confident he has the numbers to win comfortably.

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