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NSW Residents Facing Fourth Once-In-A-Hundred-Year Event Since Last January

As flood waters continue to rise across the state, residents of New South Wales are weathering their fourth once-in-a-lifetime event since the start of last year.

Penrith resident Helen McMannis said she would be telling the grandkids about the floods of 2021, after she’d finished telling them about the floods, smoke, bushfires and global pandemic of 2020.

“I haven’t seen a weather event of this scale during a Sydney summer since last summer,” she said.

Jude Johnson, whose property was burnt down last year before being covered with a dust storm, then flooded, then overtaken by mice, said his street was underwater yesterday.  

“I remember the last once-in-a-hundred year event like it was just last year. You won’t see something as bad as this again, until something worse comes along in a few months,” he said.

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