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Christian Porter Agrees To Meet With March4Justice Organisers If They’ll Iron His Shirt First

Attorney General Christian Porter says he would be more than happy to meet with the organisers of today’s March For Justice rally to hear their grievances, saying he has a few shirts that need ironing anyway.

“Happy to do that for the ladies if that helps. It’s two birds, one stone really. You’ll get to feel like you’ve been heard by the nation’s highest law officer and I’ll get some nicely pressed shirts,” he said, reminding them to pick up some starch spray on the way.

He suggested they meet over lunch, once the ironing is done. “I’ve got a few favourite dishes that you can cook, and then we’ll have a chat about what’s concerning you before you start the cleaning up. I’m a big supporter of women’s issues”.

He asked them to send over a list of grievances before the meeting so he could be sure not to read them.

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