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Scott Morrison Agrees To Properly Fund Education After Jen Tells Him His Daughters Go To School

The Prime Minister has agreed to increase funding to year seven and year nine classes after his wife reminded him he has daughters who attend school.

Mr Morrison said he had never thought about education policy before, but was now totally committed to the cause.

“We were sitting down to dinner last night and I mentioned that I was looking forward to totally gutting the education system, and then Jen says ‘but our daughters go to school’. And I said ‘shit I totally forgot. Not just about the school, but about the daughters’.

“And so I asked the kids what year they were in at school and I immediately called the education minister and said ‘let’s federally fund years seven and nine’.

“It’s just so important that we take education in these specific years seriously. After all, I know what it’s like to have a daughter in year seven or nine”.

Asked if he would also consider increasing funding to tertiary education, a confused Mr Morrison said the kids weren’t at uni yet. “I don’t have a daughter at university, so I don’t understand what you mean, sorry”.

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