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Mum Lets Little Boy Sit In Rocket Ship At Shopping Centre

A 52 year-old little boy has been allowed to have a turn sitting in the rocket fighter ship outside Coles, after his Mum couldn’t put up with his whinging anymore.

“One turn and then that’s it,” his mother said, hoping that three minutes in an imaginary aeroplane would be enough to satisfy the boy’s need to act out his little fantasies.

“No, sorry, you’ll have to just pretend to shoot down all the poor people,” she said, confirming that she would not put a coin in the slot to make the space missile laser ship go around and around and around.

“Pew! Pew!” the little boy said, as his mother reminded him that he had one more minute and then they had to go home to have a bath and dinner.

Initially refusing to end his turn, the boy finally agreed to get off if his mother organised a team of professional photographers to mark the occasion.

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