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Vaccine Rollout To Be Managed By NBN Corporation, Morrison Confirms

Saying it was a faster and more affordable way to tackle the COVID-19 virus, Prime Minister Scott Morrison today confirmed that he had engaged the NBN Corporation to oversee Australia’s vaccination program.

“Today, under this new agreement, we can guarantee that all Australians will be vaccinated by 2016,” Mr Morrison told a media conference.

“Australians can expect to receive a letter within the next 2-5 years outlining when the vaccine will be in their area”.

The Prime Minister said the $80 billion price tag for the rollout – which had increased to $120 billion by the time the media conference had finished – was good value.

“What this allows us to do is be more efficient in the way we administer the vaccine. Instead of the more expensive and wasteful approach of directly injecting the vaccine, we’ll vaccinate Australians from 20 metres away via a copper wire. This is the quickest and safest way to ensure all citizens can be protected”.

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