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Victorians Stuck In NSW Have Had Plenty Of Time To Become Professional Tennis Players, Andrews Says

Victorians complaining about being stranded in New South Wales due to the hard border closure have only themselves to blame, Daniel Andrew says, pointing out they have had weeks to qualify for the Australian Open.

“Victorians have known for a long time now that the quickest way into the state is via a top 150 ATP tour ranking. It’s a bit rich now to say that you haven’t been hitting enough balls or playing enough satellite tournaments to get your ranking up. What have you been doing with your time?”

He said qualifying for the grand slam event wasn’t the only way into the state. “You could become a professional coach, or an ATP or WTA official. You could become a family member of a top player. Or a major event sponsor. There are hundreds of ways. I feel like I’m stating the obvious sometimes”.

Encouragingly for those trapped away from home, officials have confirmed that there are still wild card qualifying spots up for grabs to the Open.

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