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Sydney Man To Sidestep NYE Restrictions By Holding ‘SCG Test Match’-Themed Party For 20,000 Mates

With limits on household gatherings reduced to just five, Sydney man Johno Braddon has cancelled his original plan to throw a new year’s eve party for fifteen friends, and will instead hold a cricket-themed event for 20,000 of his closest mates.  

“It seemed like the responsible thing to do. I wanted to be sure I stayed within the guidelines,” Braddon said, adding that he has asked guests to come dressed in cricket supporter gear for a more authentic feel.

The 28 year-old agreed that having 15-20 people around for a BBQ was a recipe for disaster.

“The safest place to be this new year’s eve is with your immediate family or 20,000 random people from across the city”.

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