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Scott Morrison Praises SA Government, Saying They Made Right Decision To Be Liberal

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has applauded the South Australian government for its response to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, saying their decision to be a Liberal Government during a pandemic was the right one.

“When you’re trying to control an outbreak, the last thing you want is for the Federal government to be constantly undermining you. So I think this is a really important step they’ve taken – very early on – to ensure they’re not a Labor government,” Mr Morrison said from Japan.

“This decision can have some very real impacts. What it means is I’ll call it a ‘circuit breaker’ or a ‘freeze’ rather than a ‘lockdown’. I’ll say things like ‘No hotel quarantine system is failsafe’. And I’ll refer to it as a ‘global pandemic’ rather than ‘the South Australian virus’. It’s almost as if I’m not really concerned about people’s wellbeing at all”.

He reminded Australians that we’re all in this together. “All of us – South Australia, New South Wales, Tasmania – we’re all in this together as Australians.”

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