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“When Will Daniel Andrews Take Responsibility For Hiring Private Security Guards In South Australia?”: By Peta Credlin

Another day, another coronavirus disaster under Daniel Andrews’ watch. This week we learnt that a private security guard, working at a medi-hotel as well as a pizza bar, helped accelerate a new outbreak of COVID-19 in South Australia. As premier of Victoria, Daniel Andrews must take responsibility.

Has he learnt nothing? He has had months to prepare for this. But once again he has looked for quick solutions, reverting to the only technique he knows – confining people to their homes.  Once again, he has ignored the expert opinion of Sky News presenters.

Well here’s some free advice. Leave. Just leave. Your time in South Australia is up.   

In choosing to outsource the state’s quarantine security to a private firm, you have outsourced your responsibility to the people of South Australia.

Let’s call this for what it is. Another failure from a man who clearly isn’t putting South Australia first.

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