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Liberal Ministers Reaffirm Position That Marriage Is A Sacred Union Between A Woman, A Man And His Bit On The Side

Government Ministers Alan Tudge and Christian Porter have come out swinging following last night’s Four Corner’s investigation, saying they’ve always believed in the traditional definition of marriage, which is between a man and woman and another woman.

Mr Tudge, who campaigned strongly against same-sex marriage laws in 2017, said the whole notion of marriage was about providing a loving bond for the benefit of children.

“My view is that marriage is an institution that traditionally has been about creating a bond for the creation, love and care of children. A marriage is about giving a child a biological mother and a biological father. And a step mother and a half sister,” Mr Tudge said.

Mr Porter said he was a man of family values. “I have my traditional family in Perth and my fun family in Canberra. It’s all about families for me,” he said.

“It’s not my role to tell other people how to live their lives, but that’s what I do anyway”.

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