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Pete Evans Is On The Cover Of This Year’s Shovel Annual And He Looks Amazing!
In 2020 we lived through two of the most traumatic events in living memory: the shocking bushfires in Australia and Gwyneth Paltrow’s vagina-scented candle. Thank God the year is almost over. The 2020 Shovel Annual is a spectacular summary of everything that’s happened this year (and a few predictions of things that haven’t happened yet) from Australia’s best satirical writers.

What’s in the 2020 Shovel Annual?

It was the year that Josh Frydenberg casually misplaced $60 billion, Scott Morrison casually went on holiday during a national crisis, Pete Evans tried to sell you a $10,000 lava lamp, and 500 companies you’d totally forgotten about got in touch to tell you that, in these unprecedented times, we’re all in this together. Re-live every moment with our very best Annual yet. 

– ‘Responsibility’ the Scott Morrison board game. Can you get Scott to answer your fucking question?
Free 2021 planner: Write down all your goals for the year ahead, then cross them off one-by-one as they become unattainable due to a global economic crises, pandemic or natural disaster!
– Why CovidSafe was the worst dating app of 2020
– Exclusive opinion piece by Andrew Bolt on why Dan Andrews is to blame for the Covid-19 virus that doesn’t exist
US ELECTION: Our coverage from the future of what life will be like if Trump wins, Joe Biden wins but Trump claims victory, or Kanye West wins.
– Australia’s 1,324 coronavirus restrictions explained
– EXCLUSIVE: The Queen’s Christmas Message about ‘Annus Totally Fucking Horribilus’
– The very best analysis of every other ridiculous thing that happened in 2020
The Chaser Annual. Yes, again we’ve let these comedy up-and-comers share some space in our Annual. So you’ll get two Annuals in one huge edition.

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