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“If It Wasn’t For Multiculturalism, Melbourne Would Have Had Even Less Than Zero Cases Today”: Andrew Bolt

“It’s all so predictable. Melbourne records no new COVID-19 cases and the latte-art, chardonnay sipping, leftist elite think it’s cause for celebration. But while you’re out buying your vegan donuts, consider this. How much lower could those case numbers have been today if Melbourne had ended its dangerous experiment with toxic multiculturalism?

If it weren’t for the housing commission towers crowded with non-English speakers from countries that do not share our values, Melbourne’s numbers could have been a third – even half – of what was recorded today.

If it weren’t for people with dark skin arrogantly drawing attention to themselves in Melbourne’s north and western suburbs, today’s numbers would have almost certainly been much, much lower.

It’s no coincidence that in the suburbs where multiculturalism is least prevalent – in Toorak, Canterbury, Brighton and Portsea – there was not a single case recorded. Not one. Nada. But of course those from immigrant backgrounds won’t understand what ‘nada’ means because they don’t speak English. Don’t even try.

And while the people in white suburbs are clearly doing the right thing, patiently waiting until they can be freed to go skiing in Aspen again, they are punished for the actions of those elsewhere. Selfishness writ large.

It’s time to admit that this experiment with multiculturalism has failed. If we don’t, we may well see Melbourne’s case numbers double tomorrow”.

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