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Morrison Praises Efforts Of Victorians, Saying They Couldn’t Have Done It Without Him

With the state recording no new COVID-19 cases for the first time in four months, Scott Morrison has applauded Victorians for all the hard work he has done.

In an emotional speech to Victorians Mr Morrison said he wanted to thank each and every one of his office staff for the work they have done.

“To bring the number of cases down from over 700 just a few short months ago, to zero today, is testament to the hard work and unwavering support my government and my staff have provided throughout the journey. Well done,” Mr Morrison said.

“While Victorians have been doing it tough over the last four months, just know that Jen and I have been right here with you every step of the way, organising publicity shoots of the Christmas decorations we bought from Bunnings”.

He said he had been working hand in hand with Victorians since day one. “When things started getting bad for Victorians in May I dropped everything and cleared my diary so I could immediately start building a cubby house for the kids. I think you’ll agree that the publicity I got from that must have been a source of comfort for Victorians stuck in their homes.

“It’s been hard slog. And Jen and I, more than anyone, know that when you’re suffering through the worst crisis in living memory, what you need more than anything is a video of your Prime Minister building a chicken coop”.


By Miles Carter

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