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Morrison Offers Albo $100 To Stop Asking Questions About Anti Corruption Commission

Discreetly slipping an envelope across the question time despatch box, Scott Morrison today told Opposition leader Anthony Albanese that he’d make it ‘worth his while’ if he stopped asking questions about why a federal anti corruption commission hadn’t been set up yet.

“You see that there,” Mr Morrison muttered, careful to keep his lips closed to avoid being detected by cameras. “That envelope there is stuffed to the brim with $5 notes. You keep your mouth shut on why it’s taking so long for us to set up a Federal ICAC and there will be another one of those babies coming your way”.

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg also spoke to the Opposition Leader, saying the $100 envelope was just the start. Opening a folder to reveal another larger envelope, Mr Frydenberg said, “There’s $60 billion in cash in here Albo. All yours if you don’t squeal”.

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