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Man Lines Up For 11 Hours For Chance To Vote In Greatest Democracy On Earth

A man has taken a day off work to stand in a voting line for eleven hours so he can take part in what is undisputedly the world’s greatest democracy.

Virginia man Derek Clayson said there was no other democracy in the world like it. “I woke up a 5am this morning, got in my car, drove 18 miles to the nearest voting booth because unfortunately they’ve removed all the ones near where I live, stood in line until 7pm then voted using a hole punch. You can’t do that in Europe,” he said.

Georgia voter Barbara Write agreed. “The great thing about our democracy is that absolutely everyone who has a secure enough job to be able to take time off work and is physically able to stand up all day gets to have their say. Everyone. What a democracy!”

She said other countries paled by comparison. “In other countries they only get to spend five or ten minutes voting – they’re not engaged in the process at all”.

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