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Apart From Quarantine, Border Control, Aged Care, Welfare And Social Services, COVID-19 Isn’t A Federal Government Issue, Morrison Says

Prime Minister Scott Morrison says the federal government cannot be held accountable for any failures relating to the nation’s COVID-19 response, reminding voters that apart from a constitutional requirement to control borders, air travel, quarantine policy, aged care facilities, social services and welfare, there is basically nothing it can do.

“Our hands are tied on this one,” Mr Morrison told a press conference today.

“The constitution lays out very clearly what the federal government has responsibility for and what the states have responsibility for, and the fact is, the things we look after just aren’t that relevant when it comes to responding to a viral pandemic.

“I mean, people talk about aged care. But when you look at the numbers you’ll see that almost 20% of COVID deaths have come outside of the aged care sector. So that’s where the real problem is. That’s where the focus needs to be”.

The Prime Minister said he was happy to talk about his Government’s responsibilities, particularly those related to rolling up the sleeves and doing a bit of DIY in the backyard with Jenny and the kids after a trip back from Bunnings on a Saturday afternoon with a few beers.

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