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Everyone In Contact With Berejiklian Over Past 5 Years To Distance Themselves Immediately

In keeping with NSW’s ‘gold standard’ contact tracing system, anyone who has had contact with Gladys Berejiklian over the past 5 years will now distance themselves immediately.

It comes after the NSW Premier revealed she had failed to isolate after coming into contact with a virus in 2015. She went on to have a five-year relationship with him.

As news of the contamination broke, NSW’s famed contact tracing protocols immediately kicked in, with Coalition MPs getting as far away from Berejiklian as possible. “For my own health and safety I will make sure I’m not in the same room as the Premier for at least the next two weeks. She has my full support, if you know what I mean,” one Liberal MP said.

Asked for his opinion on the issue, Prime Minister Scott Morrison – who has been pressuring states to open up their economies since March – said he doesn’t get involved with state matters.


By Jen B.  

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