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Regular ‘DIY Dad’ Scott Morrison Builds Coal-Fired Power Station In Backyard

Ordinary Aussie Dad and part time Prime Minister Scott Morrison spent the weekend doing a bit of DIY, putting the finishing touches to a home-made coal-fired gas station for the backyard at The Lodge.

“I promised I’d build one for Jen and the kids ages ago. And this weekend, with the sun shining and nothing much else on my plate, it seemed like the right time to get cracking.

“Some mates of mine sent me all the materials, now I’ve just got to put it all together. It’s going to look great, and it’s a good way to take some pressure off the grid. Cheap too, what with all the subsidies”.

Mr Morrison said he was just an ordinary, backyard loving, do-it-yourself, roll-up your sleeves, have a go, fair dinkum, get-your-hands-dirty and get-the-job-done Aussie bloke. “Name me an Aussie Dad who isn’t into DIY or captured by the fossil fuel industry? I’ll wait.”

He said one of his strengths as Prime Minister was being able to relate to the typical voter. “Some blokes like to build sheds, I like building unsustainable power plants. We’re all the same really”.

The Prime Minister said it took him most of the weekend to put together. “Luckily there wasn’t a global health and economic crisis on, so I had a bit of time up my sleeves”.

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