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The Policy Announcements You May Have Missed From The First Presidential Debate

Many observers criticised the first Presidential debate for being devoid of policy. Not true – many plans were outlined during the 90 minute exchange. Here are the top policy announcements from each of the candidates.


Employment: Outlined plans to boost employment in far-right white supremacist groups by 200% by 2021

COVID-19: Unveiled a new policy to shut down the coronavirus by relentlessly talking over the top of it

The Economy: Promised 4 years of constantly interrupted growth

Law & Order: A television show on NBC which did not achieve the very high ratings of The Apprentice

Tax: [Trump avoided this topic]

Business: Promised to forgive all debt for businesses that owe between $420 million and $421 million

Crime: Revealed new funding for white vigilante groups to crack down on the increasing levels of crime that have become rampant under the current President’s watch  


Employment: Promised to …. “YOUR SON’S A COCAINE ADDICT” … increase jobs …. “WRONG!” … in …. “THAT’S NOT WHAT I’M HEARING” …. through a new …. “LOCK HIM UP”

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