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Tiger Airways To Offer ‘Sitting On Tarmac’ Flights For People Missing The Unique Tiger Experience

Following Qantas’ successful ‘Flights to Nowhere’ promotion this week, Tiger Airways has announced it will offer ‘Sitting on the Tarmac’ Flights for people who miss the unique Tiger Airways experience.

A spokesperson for the company said many of its customers have been unable to fly with the airline all year. “There’s nothing unusual about that – last year most of our customers were unable to get off the ground with us as well. But what we’ve heard is that people are missing the opportunity to drive out to the airport, find a park, check in half a day early and then sit on the tarmac for four hours next to a screaming toddler, before disembarking at the same airport. So this new initiative gives people the opportunity to experience that again for a very reasonable price”.

Tickets will cost just $29.95 with a compulsory luggage fee of just $1000. Customers can pay a further $250 to choose their own seat or $200 for their luggage not to be lost.

The airline said that some ‘Siting on Tarmac’ experiences would be cancelled at the last minute and they would alert customers once they’d driven out to the airport.

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