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Morrison pressures Queensland to adopt a more humane border policy that requires people to isolate on Manus Island for 7 years first

An emotional Scott Morrison has put forward a compromise solution for Queensland’s border closure, saying a requirement for those wishing to enter the state to isolate for 7 years on a remote island would be a more Australian, humane response.

“This is the sort of compassion Australians expect,” Mr Morrison, close to tears, told radio listeners.

“The idea that families have been separated without first being placed in a cramped detention centre for the best part of a decade is hard to fathom. It’s not the Australian way”.

He said we risked losing our unique way of dealing with people from other places. “When someone comes to our border we don’t just say ‘no’. We lock them up. That’s how we do things in Australia. Full credit to Queensland and Western Australia and South Australia for finding new and peculiar ways to create fear of outsiders. But I think we can go much, much further”.

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