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Bec Judd is mad because the 5km rule means she can’t walk from one end of her house to the other

Influencer Rebecca Judd has blasted ‘Dictator Dan’ because the 5km radius rule in Melbourne’s stage 4 lockdown means she can’t get from the lounge room to the second kitchen in her $7.3 million Brighton Home.

In an Instagram post today Judd said it was ‘inhumane’ to be confined to your own property with only one swimming pool and tennis court to amuse yourself, especially when the restrictions meant you couldn’t walk from one end of the house to the other.

“I left a new dress in the spare lounge room before stage 4 began, and now I’m stuck here at the front of the house and I can’t go and get it without breaking the law. What am I going to wear?” she wrote.

She said life was getting relentless under lockdown. “I’ve walked all of the hallways in my Brighton home. Well most of them. There are a few I’m yet to discover,” she lamented.

“It’s monotonous – the same three home cinemas to cycle through, day in day out. It’s horryfing only having 14 living spaces”.

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