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Morrison Granted Exemption To Travel To Hawaii To Prepare For Upcoming Bushfire Season

The Prime Minister has been granted special permission to leave Australia as he prepares for the country’s next bushfire season.

Mr Morrison reminded Australians that the bushfire season will soon be upon us and that the most sensible way to prepare for the threat was from a deck chair on Waikiki beach.

“Everyone’s fire plan is different. For some people it’s clearing the gutters. For me, it’s clearing the schedule for a bit of R&R,” he said.

“We learnt a lot from the terrible bushfires last season. And one of the things that hopefully you learnt is that I don’t hold a hose. And the best place not to hold a hose is from a beach-side resort. In fact, I’ll be holding a pina colada”.

Australians are currently unable to leave the country without special permission or a mate in Government.

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