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Fox News makes editorial decision not to focus on Kamala Harris’s race, saying it will focus only on her gender

TV network Fox News says that after much reflection and internal debate, they have decided not to focus on vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris’s race, saying viewers in 2020 were more interested in scrutinising her suitability as a woman.

“It’s 2020 for goodness sake,” the network’s editorial director said. “I think it’s time for us to move on from focusing on someone’s race. The more important question is, can a woman be trusted with America’s nuclear codes?”

He said Fox’s viewers were looking for deeper analysis. “This is a very important election both economically and socially, so I think you can expect us to examine very closely Ms Harris’s choices in clothing,” he said.

But insiders say the decision not to focus on race is based on more practical reasons. “We’d love to present both racist and sexist lines about Kamala Harris, but the truth is our viewers struggle with processing more than one bigoted concept at a time. That’s why we had to choose one,” the source said.

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