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Attention-seeking conspiracy theorists forced to film themselves not wearing mask while shopping online

With retail stores closed in Melbourne, conspiracy theorists have resorted to posting videos of themselves not wearing a mask while shopping online, saying it’s the only way they can get attention under new lockdown rules.

One woman became embroiled in a heated argument with the Bunnings online help chat-bot, demanding to speak to the chat-bot’s manager.

“I will remind you of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights,” the woman typed, before the chat-bot responded with, “It sounds like you want to do some home renovations. Have you considered our home delivery service?”

Frustrated, the woman asked why she was being discriminated against because of her gender, to which the chat-bot replied, “That’s a great question. Here are some links to our online DIY renovation videos”.

Another woman, who called Kmart’s telephone ordering service, said it was her right not to wear a mask when shopping. When told she didn’t have to wear a mask on the phone, the woman demanded to speak to the manager.   

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