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For those of you in Melbourne who need cheering up, just remember that Sam Newman can’t play golf for the next 42 days

Things in Melbourne are pretty tough right now. But mental health experts say one simple way to improve your mood is to think of Sam Newman dealing with the fact that he won’t be able to play golf until mid September.

“It’s a really great way to rebalance,” psychologist Sarah Lacey said. “Just spend a minute or so each morning imagining a 74 year-old little boy with a plastic face throwing his golf clubs around his apartment because he is not allowed to go out and play, and notice how your mood changes. It can have an instant effect”.

Melbourne resident Evie Wilson said it was the only thing getting her through lockdown. “It’s been really hard not being able to go out and see friends or go to restaurants. But then I remember that Sam Newman can’t play golf and it makes the whole thing worthwhile”.

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