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Madonna says masks don’t stop coronavirus, but maybe that’s because she puts it over her eye

Pop legend Madonna has come under fire for posting conspiracy theories about COVID-19, including claims that masks are ineffective. But fans say Madonna may not have realised that you’re supposed to affix the mask over your nose and mouth, not over your left eye.

“We’re fighting a virus, not launching an attack to steal bounty from a 17th century sea vessel. But it’s an easy mistake to make,” one fan said.

Others agreed it was unclear how to affix the masks. “There are no instructions included with these masks that explain where they need to go. I put mine over my right kneecap to begin with, until some kind person pointed it out that I had it all wrong. It’s on my left kneecap now”.

Another fan said we should be more understanding. “We’ve all done it. You’re trying to adjust your mask and get it all comfortable and the next thing you know it’s all up in your eye like you’re about to launch an expedition to search for missing treasure. I blame the masks to be honest”.

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