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Anti-trust hearing cancelled after Google CEO starts randomly finishing interrogator’s sentences

The congressional tasked with assessing the influence of the US’s big four technology companies was abandoned after Google CEO Sundar Pichai was unable to stop himself from finishing the interrogator’s questions.

Congresswoman Mary Gay Scanlon began by asking Pichai “What do …” before Pichai interrupted with “What do lions eat? What do graphic designers do? What does lmao mean? All great questions and thanks so much for your interest”.

Confused, the lawmaker pushed ahead, saying “Sorry, that’s not what I meant. Can you …”

“Can you freeze milk? The short answer is yes. Can you be allergic to water? That’s less common,” Pichai said.

The increasingly frazzled congresswoman continued with, “Should …” before Pichai fired back, “Should you pop blisters? Should you wash mushrooms? Should you give puppies milk? Look, I’ll be honest these are strange questions for a Congressional hearing – I’ll need to get back to you on those”.

Scanlon tried again, saying “Should Google …”

“Should Google be used as a verb? Well, that’s up to the individual”.

Mark Zuckerberg spent the hearing reciting the personal details of the lawmakers present.

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