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‘Bunnings Karen’ Flees Store After Staff Tell Her There Are A Dozen 5G Antennas In Aisle 14

The woman who refused to wear a mask at Bunnings because she said it breached the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, quickly left the store after staff advised that there were half a dozen well-priced 5G antennas available in aisle 14.

After explaining that wearing a mask was a condition of entry, the Bunnings employees told the woman that masks could be purchased for just $9.99 for a pack of ten.

“They’re just over there, next to the 5G antennas. If you get to the vaccination section you’ve gone too far,” the employee said.   

As the woman rushed towards the exit, the staff member politely informed her that she was going in the wrong direction. “Sorry madam, the masks are back this way. There’s a big display of them, just there next to the bottles of chemtrails”.

The woman hasn’t been heard from since.

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