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The woman in Bunnings was right: the 1948 Universal Declaration Of Human Rights does have a clause about the right not to wear a mask at discount hardware chains

A woman who refused to wear a mask in a Bunnings store because it contravened the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights has been proven correct.

Analysis has found that the right not to wear a mask at discount hardware chains is outlined in the famous United Nations document, just below the right not to be held in slavery and the right not to be tortured.

Article 6 states that “No-one shall be forced to wear a mask upon entering a discount hardware store, particularly living women, who have the right to do what they want”.

Investigations by human rights experts also found that Article 5 provides for the right of all humans to enjoy everyday low prices. “Everyone has the right to everyday low prices, which shall be considered just the beginning. If a person finds a better price, they shall be entitled to demand that the price be beaten by 10%”.

There is no explicit mention of the right to onion with a sausage and bread, although experts say this is implied.

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