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Man On Plane Refuses To Wear Mask Because It Breaches His Human Rights

A passenger on a rapidly depressurising aeroplane has refused to fit himself with a mask, saying it was a contravention of his fundamental rights as a human being.

With the plane losing cabin pressure at an alarming rate, the man said he wasn’t just going to blindly follow the instructions of some authoritarian safety card.

“This is fascism. The fact that this dictator at the front of plane is telling me to put on a mask is exactly the reason why I refuse to do it,” the man said as other passengers fitted masks to themselves and loved ones.

“You people can surrender your freedoms if you want to, but I’m not going to give in to a police state. What next? Seatbelts?”

The man said masks were heavy to wear and felt too tight on the face. “It’s such an inconvenience to my freedom. My uncle didn’t fight in three world wars for this bullshit! Wake up sheeple! You can’t …

… oh, I’m starting to feel a little … light … you can’t …”

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